• Therapeutic Group Yoga for Hypertension

    4-week Series for Hypertension: In this series, each week will build on the previous week to allow us to feel more in control of our body, mind and emotions as contributing factors of hypertension. (Class is 90 minutes. Four Week Series/$99)

    • Breathing techniques to help relax the body
    • Postures that reduce blood pressure and nervous system activity
    • Meditation techniques for clearer vision and calmer mind
    • Reduction of overall stress
    • Health education for mind, body, and spirit.
    • Space is limited to 8 patients.
  • Gentle Morning Yoga

    Gentle Morning Yoga: Creating a healthier lifestyle is not always easy. We all need support in creating this, and there is no better way than in community. CHI offers a therapeutic yoga class that helps support a healthy lifestyle by becoming more mindful of how we function day-to-day. By incorporating breath techniques, meditation practices and gentle yoga postures, we get the opportunity to feel vital energy moving through us that helps keep us vibrant and healthy.  This class is open to all levels. (Class is 60 minutes. Single class/$20)

  • M&M Yoga

    M&M Yoga (Mindfulness & Meditation):This class offers yoga postures with somatic techniques to aid in alleviating tension in the body, helping to relieve anxiousness by utilizing breathing techniques, meditation, slow movement, and mindfulness. Ultimately creating a mind-body connection with fine-tuned awareness. This class is open to all levels. (Class is 60 minutes. Single class/$20)

  • Reset for Health Care Providers

    Reset for Health Care Providers: Open to all health care providers, including, social workers, counselors, technicians and any professional supporting patient care. It is important to re-tune and nurture ourselves so we are able to care for others. Therapeutic yoga and mindfulness offers us a reset button necessary to keep healthy – mentally, emotionally and physically. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others!  This class is open to all levels. (Class is 60 minutes. Single class/$20)