CHI Health Care (CHI) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is recognized as a national leader in the movement toward a new kind of health care. Every day, we model and practice integrative care that is values based, relationship centered, and highly collaborative. We know what we’re doing is working because a recent survey of our patients showed that more than 95% would be happy to recommend CHI to their families and friends.

We are committed to providing access to our kind of health care for everyone, especially those who are uninsured or underinsured. Each year, we put aside several thousand dollars to provide for those who are dealing with both health challenges and financial challenges. Unfortunately, it is never enough to reach our goal of never having to turn anyone away.

Our new fund, CHI Cares, has been established to address this need and your investment will enable it to flourish. We guarantee that 100% of the funds will be used to provide direct patient care to those in our community who are struggling and vulnerable. If you are ready to support this noble work, please make your tax deductible donation online or by downloading and filling out this form, then mailing it to CHI Health Care, 15001 Shady Grove Road, Rockville, MD 20850.

What makes our health care unique?

In our practice every day, primary care doctors and integrative health practitioners work closely together to collectively manage each patient’s care.

There is no hierarchy in our model which honors and values the contributions of physicians, nurse practitioners, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, acupuncturists.

Because our providers share responsibility for patients’ health, they each contribute the best of their specific discipline.

While most health care providers practice capably and with integrity, ours must also practice exceptionally and compassionately. They must ensure that patients feel respected, valued, and heard.

The length and quality of each care visit is determined by the patient’s needs, not a clock or recommendation by an insurance company.

The underlying assumption among our providers is that they are partners and facilitators in each patient’s health and life journey. Decisions about care are shared and informed by both provider and patient.

Our patients often need services to treat the root of their problems, but their insurance company may not agree. Some can afford those services while others cannot. We are committed to removing these barriers so that every patient can access our complete services, whether or not their insurance plan or their budget allows.

Your financial gift is needed now to help individuals with financial challenges get all the help they need. Each gift also widens the path to revolutionizing health care toward a day when all of us will have a team of compassionate healers that facilitate and support our journey toward optimum health and well-being.

Giving to CHI

CHI Health Care is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3)of the Internal Revenue Code and contributions are tax deductible. Please consult your advisor about how the tax rules apply to you.

Unless otherwise specified, our 2018-2019 gifts will support the CHI Cares fund to provide increased access to integrative health care. We guarantee that 100% of the funds will be used to provide direct patient care to those in our community who are struggling and vulnerable.

We are happy to help you set up an alternate gift that is meaningful and fulfilling. Here are just some of the possibilities we can create by working directly with you. To discuss your options and preferences, contact Jane Walton at 301.355.2028.

Tribute: Families of our grateful patients often want to honor a loved one who has been helped by the kind of care that CHI provides. Often, patients come to us as a last resort, looking for a more humane and more natural approach to their health challenges. They, and their families, show their appreciation with a tribute donation in their name. These gifts hold a very special meaning for the family and for all of us at CHI.

Legacy: Patients and their families and others who appreciate the work CHI is doing to shift the landscape of health care are comforted by leaving a gift to CHI in their wills as part of their estate planning.

Naming: We look forward to honoring the generosity of key donors by putting their name on a plaque indicating their support for our mind/body spaces, integrative treatment rooms, the dispensary of natural health products, and more.

Unrestricted Donations: To support the work of CHI in the most general way, we are happy to accept donations that are unrestricted.