At CHI Health Care, we use a coordinated, team-based approach to care that puts you – the patient – first called the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH). Because our providers and practitioners all work together in the same office, they constantly communicate about your care, updating each other on your visits; discussing your lab results; and then jointly recommending appropriate treatments and wellness classes to get you as healthy as you can be. Isn’t having a whole team of providers to take care of you better than just one?

The Patient Centered Medical Home is a highly organized system of running a medical practice that relies on a team of health care professionals whose main focus is to keep their patients at the center of care. The backbone of that care is the personal relationship each patient has with his or her doctor, who is also the leader of their team. Together, the team collectively takes responsibility for getting their patients healthy and keeping them that way.

What does a Patient Centered Medical Home mean for our patients?

  1. Open Communication: Communicating with you is our team’s highest priority, and biggest emphasis.  We like to stay connected with our patients!
  2. Secure Access: We provide 24/7, instant, online access to your entire – and highly secure- medical record, lab tests, prescription refills and communication with your doctor and other team members.
  3. Close Collaboration: Your care team places an equally high priority on communicating with each other about your wellbeing.  Our team regularly meets to collaborate on our patient’s care.
  4. Questions Answered: We know there is nothing more frustrating than trying to understand the ins and outs of health care.  That’s why our nurse care coordinators are on hand to guide and support you and your family on a path to wellness.
  5. Comprehensive Care: Staying healthy is easy in theory, but in practice, it takes planning, encouragement, and support.  CHI Health Care’s providers and nurse care coordinators will help you establish a comprehensive health plan that includes all the information and guidance you will need for your care.
Your CHI Health Care provider team discusses your health-related goals, and then partners closely with you to achieve them. Our primary care doctors, providers, and wellness coaches work with you on things like weight loss, exercise, overcoming stress and anxiety, managing your blood pressure, disease prevention and any other health challenge you are facing. Together, we provide positive motivation to help you achieve all your health goals.
Everyone at CHI Health Care is part of your team because we believe in what we’re doing and we’re passionate about one thing: your health!
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