At CHI Health Care, our goal is to help you not only become disease-free, but to stay well, and to enjoy your life to the fullest. We consider wellness to be a dynamic, rather than static, condition that when carefully nurtured, creates health in mind, body, and spirit through the establishment of positive daily health habits.

Pivotal to our approach to care is health and wellness education and resources. Our Four Pillars of Wellness serve as the foundation of a healthy life style and include: movement/exercise; whole foods diet/healthy nutrition; stress management and sleep; and connection to community and life purpose.

We offer a wide range of programs, workshops, classes, and webinars for patients and the general community. These include mindfulness programs, yoga and other movement classes, workshops on natural healing approaches to common health concerns, group acupuncture, nutrition courses and cooking demonstrations, and energy healing workshops. Your practitioner may suggest one of more of these programs to enhance your knowledge and skills and your ability to care for yourself and your loved ones in a new way.

At CHI Health Care, we know that healthy living leads to vibrant well-being.