Life today is stress-full, and learning to manage the impact of stress, both positive and negative, is key to maintaining optimal wellbeing. At CHI Health Care, we know striving for healthy balance among all aspects of life – professional, personal, family and friends – can be an ongoing challenge, which is why the heart of our approach starts with mindfulness. For example, we teach our patients the critical importance of taking a ‘mindful’ pause in the course of their hectic day, which calms the nervous system and helps restore perspective. Through one-on-one trainings, as well as classes and seminars, patients become familiar with stress management techniques that will best suit their lives. In addition, we also focus on the crucial ‘life-balance’ role sleep plays in our lives. A vital opportunity for our bodies to recover, rebuild and refresh, the importance of sleep is all too often overlooked and undervalued. We emphasize the merits of adequate sleep and effective stress management as a part of everyone’s daily wellness plan.

Health & Wellness Classes:

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