An innovative 6-week non-pharmaceutical protocol to relieve and manage chronic pain

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Chronic pain and inflammation is preventing many of us from living a vibrant, active life. If you or a loved one has experienced this kind of pain, you know that it interferes with many aspects of who we are and who we can be. It limits our ability to be fully present for our family and friends and decreases our productivity and fulfillment at work. Pain, when prolonged, often leads to anxiety and depression.

CHI Health Care wants to be a part of the solution to break this cycle of pain and debilitation. We now offer an effective, evidenced-based, viable solution for pain management that is natural and holistic.

This integrative program will help to disrupt the cycle of pain for us and those that we love. You will experience the best high-tech, high-touch natural methodologies available today; and, throughout the program, you will receive individualized, medically-supervised care from our highly qualified team of CHI providers. You will also learn powerful yet practical techniques for self-care that will help you to manage pain at home.


While there are many ways natural remedies can relieve all kinds of pain, this Program is designed specifically for those suffering pain due to osteoarthritis, unresolved sports injuries,  joint/muscle pain after surgery, or other musculoskeletal injuries.

  • Naturopathic Medicine – CHI’s Naturopathic Doctor (ND) manages all patient care throughout the program.
  • Clinical Health Coaching – Experience the benefit of continuous and individualized support to reach your goals.
  • Low Level Laser Treatments – Receive weekly treatments that are non-invasive, safe, and highly effective for relieving pain and inflammation.
  • Massage Therapy – Receive one pain relieving and relaxing massage, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.
  • Mindfulness/Yoga – Learn and participate in a variety of tried and true pain management techniques for self-care based on gentle yoga, breathing, and other mindfulness practices.
  • Acupuncture– Receive weekly group acupuncture treatment for pain and two individual treatments tailored to your specific needs.
  • Energy Medicine – Learn how to use a rapidly growing therapy known as energy medicine. In this session, you will learn how to use specific techniques to release endorphins that lead to pain relief.
  • Body Mechanics – Participate in an interactive workshop with one of CHI’s chiropractors focused on preventing pain and injuries through simple body mechanics.
  • Health Education – Learn about the pathways and sources of pain, how to build a relationship with your pain, and coping mechanisms to address your pain.
  • Nutrition and Supplements – Understand the role of food as medicine as it pertains to pain and the cause of most pain – inflammation. Receive personalized recommendations for diet modifications and supplements.
  •  Initial Intake and Focused Assessment w/Naturopathic Doctor
  • Assessment/Goal Setting/Vision w/Health Coach (Ideally these 2 assessments should be scheduled back-to-back)
  • Weekly Phone Call “Check-In” w/Health Coach
  • Twice Weekly Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Mid-Program Group Visit w/ND
  • Twice Weekly Group Sessions (Rotating Yoga/Tapping/Mindfulness)
  • Weekly Group Acupuncture w/Mindfulness
  • Two Individual Visits w/Acupuncturist over the 6 weeks period
  • One Group Chiropractic Body Mechanics Presentation
  • One Massage over the 6 weeks period
  • End of Program Assessment/Goal Review by Health Coach
  • End of Program Assessment and Referral for any continued treatment by ND

At CHI Health Care, we believe that the best health outcomes are achieved when providers and patients share decision-making and responsibilities throughout the healing journey. In this program, we are ready to commit to providing treatments, services, classes, and techniques that have been proven to reduce or eliminate pain.

You must be ready to commit to honesty and transparency in working with our providers, to scheduling and promptly showing up for all appointments, and actively participating in classes and sessions. When you consider that this program will give you tools to manage pain and, ultimately, find relief from pain, this is well worth your investment.

When you register for the program, you will receive a call to schedule your initial visit and end of program ND visits, your initial visit and end of program Health Coach visits, your two individual acupuncture treatments, your one-hour massage, and your twice weekly cold laser treatments. Please have your calendar available and be prepared to spend about 15 minutes arranging all of the 6-week program appointments.



$2,199 for full six week program, including all appointments, services, classes, and treatments. Payment plans are available. Insurance does not cover this program.


Clinician Bios

Sandra Colvard, ND, FABNO

Laurie Williams, MA, CWC