The CHI Health Care team of experienced providers works together in a collaborative environment to provide each patient with the best possible care. Through the careful integration of primary care, complementary therapies and wellness services, our goal is to enhance the overall continuum of care available, to empower individuals to feel deeply involved in managing their health care, and to impart a better quality of life. Our physicians and other practitioners maintain constant communication about our patient’s specific treatment plans and ongoing progress in order to optimize care.

Ali Perez
Binetou Fall
Primary Care Physician
Dianne Faure
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Jana Benicka
Licensed Massage Therapist
Jisun Ryu
Karen Konkel
Integrative Primary Care Physician
Katherine Wright Desai
Clinical Psychologist
Kathleen Byrne
Primary Care Physician
Kisha Davis
Primary Care Physician
Laurie Williams
Health Coach
MaryLynn Gonsalves
Family Nurse Practitioner
Michelle Lisenbee
Nurse Care Coordinator
Mozella Williams
Acting Medical Director
Nicole Farmer
Integrative Primary Care Physician
Sandra Colvard
Naturopathic Doctor
Sarah Potthoff
Xonna Clark
Integrative Nutritionist