Need time and space to focus on YOU?  We’ve got just the thing!

Join Michelle Lisenbee, CHI’s Registered Nurse, for workshops designed to encourage care for mind, body and spirit.

Thursdays from 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Fee: $35 each

May 16th – Self-Massage

Although in our opinion, nothing beats a full-body massage from a trained professional, engaging in self-massage can also be very effective in alleviating tension, increasing circulation and lowering stress levels. It’s a wonderful form of self-care for our bodies in this fast-paced world and learning simple self-massage techniques will allow you to self-soothe at home—or anywhere.

June 13th  – Creating a vision Board

A “Vision Board” is a visual intention – a collection of words and images that speak to you for one reason or another. Perhaps you want an intuitive picture of where you are right now. Perhaps you’d like to create a visual representation of your goals and intentions for the upcoming year. Perhaps you’ve chosen a word for the year and would like to “make it visible”. A vision board can be any or all of those things. It can remind you of your passions and dreams in a way that is encouraging and effortless.