Recognizing that patients often have the information – but not the motivation – to improve their health, more and more physicians today are including health coaches on their clinical teams. They recognize that coaches are trained professionals that can help bridge the gap between knowing and doing, which often makes all the difference in health and healing.

Health coaching should be included as a component of clinical services. Coaching is uniquely focused on creating a patient-empowered process that aligns a patient’s personal goals and actions with their medical and/or integrative health treatment plans. The coach is someone that truly comes to know and care for each patient, providing deep listening, information, resources, and a tailored plan of action. Health coaches understand and can help patients navigate both western medicine and natural medicine approaches.

Health coaches serve patients in the following ways:

  • Building a relationship based on trust and non-judgement
  • Creating a vision of optimal health, specific for each patient
  • Identifying and facilitating targeted lifestyle and behavioral changes
  • Developing a plan and timeline, broken into manageable steps and milestones
  • Increasing and supporting patient accountability
  • Helping each patient work through their own resistance and doubts
  • Providing consistent guidance and frequent touch-points · Celebrating successes

Turn to our health coach when you want or need:

  • Help with lifestyle and behavior changes to improve health and/or stay off medications
  • Support to be compliant and follow through with medical advice
  • Coping mechanisms during stressful life transitions
  • Higher levels of accountability to yourself and/or others
  • Tools and support for goal setting and planning for success
  • Ongoing support and motivation to achieve the next level of health and wellness
  • Health guidance for a specific event including athletic events and social events

Techniques Used

  • Motivational interviewing
  • Appreciative Inquiry
  • Positive psychology
  • Deep listening
  • Brainstorming
  • Pro/con analysis
  • Goal setting – visionary and tactical
  • Planning for success
Health Coaching