Yoga therapy is a powerful, evidence-informed healing discipline that is effective in treating a wide range of physical and emotional health challenges. Patients do not need any previous yoga experience, as care is tailored to each individual.

Utilizing the core tenants of yoga, yoga therapists create a specific program of care for each patient integrating postures, breathing and meditation informed by deep knowledge of biomedical systems. Patients often see and feel results fairly quickly from yoga therapy, often after just one session, and appreciate the ability to take control of their health without resorting to drugs and surgery.

Nationally, yoga therapy is gaining acceptance and credibility among the medical community due to its demonstrated success in treating low back pain and other chronic pain conditions as well as anxiety and stress conditions. Since yoga therapy is a treatment that is able to impact all physical and emotional systems and symptoms, is it also used for a wide variety of health challenges. At CHI, yoga therapy is considered one of the core clinical disciplines and our primary care physicians routinely refer and encourage patients to seek this care.

Certified yoga therapists are required to have a strong foundation in yoga and extensive group teaching experience. They then complete a rigorous educational program that includes the clinical application of yoga as a therapeutic tool.

In additional to private sessions, CHI’s yoga therapist offers care to small groups of patients with similar health concerns. CHI also offers preventative and healing workshops for specific populations including yoga therapy for runners, golfers, swimmers, and for specific conditions including yoga therapy for headaches, insomnia, and diabetes.

Treatment with yoga therapy begins with a thorough mind body assessment that includes deep listening to the patient’s goals and concerns. Together, the therapist and patient create a care plan that usually includes a series of individual sessions and a “prescription” for simple home practices. Often, a health condition can be significantly improved or resolved with just three to four private sessions.  Patients are encouraged to continue with their home practice, returning to active treatment if the condition flares up or a new symptom emerges.

Individual Appointments
60 minute Initial Consultation
Fee: $99

60 minute Follow-up Consultations
Fee: $79 each

4 sessions: $300
6 sessions: $427
8 sessions: $537

Group Appointments
Fee: $79 for 4 classes

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